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Type Conference Paper - Proceedings of National Irrigation Seminar on Irrigation Development and Management: Learning from the Past and Planning for the, 10-11 June, 2016
Title Multiple use of irrigation water: way towards sustainable irrigation management
City Lawalakhel, Lalitpur
Country/State Nepal
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Santosh_Kaini/publication/304181211_???
The challenge of ensuring food security and modern energy is critical in the South Asian
countries where about 51% of the population is food-energy deficient. Using irrigation water
for both irrigation and micro-hydro purposes helps to make irrigation schemes sustainable
and reduce energy deficit. This research is focused on multiple uses of irrigation water. The
Chaud Irrigation Scheme lies in Sarmauli VDC of Darchula district, Far-western
Development Region of Nepal is taken as the case study site. Food security is prime concern
in this region. The primary data was collected using interview checklist, observation and
interview with key informants during household survey. The irrigation scheme was
rehabilitated in 2014 by Department of Irrigation under Irrigation and Water Resources
Management Project. It is found that micro-hydro (11.5 KW) is in operation from the
irrigation water with the financial aid of Poverty Alleviation Fund. It is distributed in 112
households of four villages where only 15 households had been using solar power for
electricity. Farmers use water for irrigation during the daytime and for generating electricity
in the evening. Food is now sufficient for 12 months as there was food deficit for 9 month
before the rehabilitation of the irrigation scheme. They collect fees for electricity and use it in
the canal maintenance. It is concluded that multiple use of irrigation water like generating
electricity plays vital role for sustainable irrigation management.

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