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Type Journal Article - Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography
Title Poverty Reduction Program through Adaptive Management of Ecosystem Services: The Concept Notes for Nepal
Volume 5
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 1-3
URL http://ramkhadka.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Poverty-Reduction-Journal-Dr.-R-B-Khadka.pdf
Nepal being a small country is unfortunate in terms of its overall
progress, particularly in economic development. It has suffered a
lot because of Maoist insurgency which has largely destabilized the
country’s progress. Upon restoration, the country’s political parties
were not able to tackle the problems largely due to their ineffective
leadership and absence of appropriate vision. However, international
donors are providing assistances for the development of country.
Political instability is one of the factors which have led this country to
fall into the trap of current stage of destitution and a strenuous effort
is needed to bring this country out of vicious cycle of poverty1
. Poverty
is increasing in Nepal; as it has been shown by mass exodus of youth
from this country in search of employment in the third country. A few
years back youth exodus was in the order of less than thousand people
per day; now reportedly it has crossed more than 2,500 youths2
per day
who leave the country. This is because the country does not have any
youth employment programs, no industries and other development
activities which have forced the youth to disappear completely from
the country

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