Domestic gender inequality in Mekong Delta

Type Journal Article - Vietnam Social Sciences
Title Domestic gender inequality in Mekong Delta
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 73-82
Based on findings of previous research works done by many researchers
as well as several surveys conducted by the General Statistics Office on residential
communities in Mekong Delta, the author analyzes issues relating to gender inequality
in family and impacts caused by the gender inequality on women’s life. According to
the research findings, domestic gender inequality is obviously reflected in three fields,
including: access to educational opportunities at higher levels (such as high school or
university) among girls; early marriage and transnational marriage; and, acceptance of
being beaten by husband. The analyses show that poverty is a common reason for
school dropouts among girls and for transnational marriage among women; in the
meanwhile, low education, in addition to gender and cultural factors, makes the abovementioned
problems more serious, causing a lot of negative impacts on life of not only
women, but also their children. Based on the analyses, the author makes some
recommendations that aim at minimizing and gradually eliminating the gender inequality.

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