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Type Working Paper - SB13 Dubai Paper
Title The Urbanization of Coastal Zones between Urban Management, Legislation and Sustainable Development: the Case of Algeria
Issue 063
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
URL http://www.irbnet.de/daten/iconda/CIB_DC26862.pdf
Coastal zones are areas of great economic, social and cultural opportunities and as such have witnessed an unprecedented urbanization growth. Population growth, waterfront revitalizations and tourism generated megalopolis coastal areas in many parts of the world. The Mediterranean coast, beside its major cities has developed intense seaside tourism resulting in environmental degradation, and subsequent acceleration in biogeochemical cycles, including coastal erosion. Recent environmental concerns and sustainable development approaches stressed the irreparable destruction of coastal zones‟ wealth in the absence of a strictly controlled growth. This paper first presents the current condition of the coastal zones in Algeria, then reviews some cases of coastal management approaches from various countries around the world, and finally presents a critical review of the Algeria‟s recent coastal policy and regulations aiming for a sustainable coastal approach and management.

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