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Type Journal Article - Rev. Roum. Géogr.
Title La Perception Des Dysfonctionnements Du Développement Urbain Vue Par Les Habitants De Batna (Algérie)
Issue 58
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 57-71
URL http://www.rjgeo.ro/atasuri/RR Geographie 58_1/Lamia et al..pdf
The study aims to describe how the people of Batna feel urban dysfunction. Inspired by the approach of Veolia Observatory on urban lifestyles, this study is based on a questionnaire conducted among 416 residents of the town. The results of this research have established a real diagnosis of the dysfunctions of the city as seen and experienced by people. This investigation, gathering evidence, documents and experiments, revealed different perceptions of interviewed citizens’ knowledge and socio-cultural and demographic aspects.

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