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Type Working Paper
Title Urbanisation Au Hodna Et Emergence D’un Systeme De Villes Sur L’axe M’sila-Barika : Une Approche Spatio-Temporelle
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 47-62
Since about thirty years, the urban dynamics which rested before primarily on the growth of the two great centers (M‟sila and Barika) of Hodna, tends to touching certain agglomerations of the area. Thus, sees one emerging from new regional urban systems whose most dynamic would be that of the axis M‟sila-Barika. These last knew a strong urban growth since the end of the Sixties ten, as well as the cities located along the road axis in question. We thus studied the urban evolution of this territory during this period, to clarify this phenomenon of urban extension. This evolution is analyzed from the points of view of the growth of population known by the territory, then form taken by this growth and finally of the influence of this axis on this one.

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