The situation analysis of lifelong learning in Vietnam 2010

Type Report
Title The situation analysis of lifelong learning in Vietnam 2010
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Vietnam is on the way to build and sustain a well-functioning society and secure its
sound socio-economic development in the future. This report suggests to give toppriority
to lifelong learning in Vietnam, to upgrade and up-skill the adult population
across the age span and develop its human resources to its full potential.
A large part of the report draws on existing materials produced by the Vietnamese
government, other national and international agencies, and academic sources. It also
draws on over 40 group meetings and individual semi-structured interviews with
relevant key stakeholders at different levels from 4 ministries, businesses in public
sector, private sector, social partners, civil society, NGOs, CLCs and CECs,
universities, libraries and museums. It includes a range of field visits to DOETs and
educational establishments in 6 cities and provinces in the Northern, Central and
Southern regions of Vietnam: Hanoi and Thai Binh in the North, Hue and Danang in the
Centre, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City in the South. And finally it has taken into
account the feedback on preliminary findings and recommendations in a one-day
consultation workshop with 46 Vietnamese policy makers, academics, and practitioners.
The intention has been to support the MOET in undertaking a situational analysis of
opportunities and challenges for building a lifelong learning system in Vietnam, informed
by international knowledge and experience.

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