Sustainable Building Rating (SBR) System for Nepal -– A Case of Kathmandu Valley

Type Conference Paper - Proceedings of IOE Graduate Conference, 2015
Title Sustainable Building Rating (SBR) System for Nepal -– A Case of Kathmandu Valley
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Building construction sector is one of the largest end users of environmental resources and it consumes approximately
40% of the world’s primary energy use. Nowadays, people are aware of about Green / Sustainable building
that is why rating systems have been developed to measure the sustainability level of green buildings in many
developed countries. This helps to certify the different aspects of sustainable development during the planning
and construction stages and to incorporate best-practice experience for achieving higher certification level. The
limitation of this research is based from the case study, Qualitative Analysis, Questionnaires and Interview were
done with 40 expertise to fulfill the major objective which is “To develop Sustainable Building Rating (SBR) system
for residential buildings of Kathmandu valley”.
To get the criteria for the SBR system, different case study were done regarding different rating system of the
world and case study on rated and nonrated building of Nepal. Objective was achieved by using Simple Weighted
Sum method and AHP, MCDA tool and also the other specific objectives were fulfilled. After the analysis done
from these tools a new SBR system was developed. To verify the research few buildings were done pilot test in
the SBR system developed from the analysis, where the result were found to be positive, data can be found in the
annex. This study may be useful to all the stakeholders involved in the evaluation of green building.

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