Living On The Edge: quality of life in Balkhu Squatter Settlement, Nepal

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Bachelor of Social Services
Title Living On The Edge: quality of life in Balkhu Squatter Settlement, Nepal
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Anup Khanal, Living on the Edge, Quality of life in Balkhu Squatter Settlement,
Nepal, 87 pages, 2 appendixes, Language: English. Helsinki. Fall 2014,
Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Social Services,
Bachelor of Social Services, Focus in Community Development Work.
This study is carried out in a squatter settlement in Balkhu, Nepal. The study is
a part of the project conducted by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences with
its partner St. Xavier College, Nepal and Turku University of Applied Sciences
between mid- September to mid- January in the year 2013. The aim of this
paper is to assess the quality of life in Balkhu Squatter settlement in subjective
and objective wellbeing. Mixed method of data collection is used to gather
qualitative and quantitative data from survey, participant direct observation,
interview, image and video. The data collected were analyzed using thematic
The findings of this study indicate that quality of life of Balkhu squatter
community is not satisfactory in both objective and subjective approach. The
community lack objective wellbeing such as clean living environment, water and
electricity facility, safe shelter, employment opportunity and education
opportunity. The community is subjected to cultural, social and economic
marginalization. The subjective wellbeing indicated people live in fear and are
not satisfied with the present condition and surroundings. Communication is
lacking between in the community and between the stakeholders.

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