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Type Journal Article - Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development Journal
Title Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development
Volume 1
Issue 13
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL http://ctevt.org.np/files/Research Journal 2013.pdf
This is a matter of pride for us to publish the 13th issue of Technical and Vocational Education
and Training (TVET) Development Journal as a continuous series from last three years. The
articles covered in this issue have been categorized into four major areas: TVET Planning and
Policy, TVET Economics and Financing, TVET Management and Quality Assurance.
Education and training journals are considered very important resources for the intellectuals,
authors, researchers and other stakeholders for study and research. Quality journals in education
sector are scarce particularly in a developing country like Nepal. Moreover, specific journals in subsectors
such as TVET are difficult to find. In this context, Council for Technical Education and
Vocational Training (CTEVT) as the apex body of TVET in Nepal, has been putting its endeavors to
bring out the journal in TVET sector.
The dedicated CTEVT personnel under the leadership of Mr. Rajendra Karki, Director from
Research and Information Division,were involved in publishing this journal. The editorial team tried
to make the journal inclusive by capturing the articles of authors from various segment and identity.
Whatever the difficulties encountered in the process of bringing out this issue, it is hoped that the
result will pay off.

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