Adelösanlarda beden imaj memnuniyeti, ağırlık algısı ve obezite bilgisi; Kaski bölgesi, Nepal

Type Journal Article - TAF Prev Med Bull
Title Adelösanlarda beden imaj memnuniyeti, ağırlık algısı ve obezite bilgisi; Kaski bölgesi, Nepal
Volume 15
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 396-400
Background: Body image dissatisfaction and incorrect body weight perception are raising problems among the
adolescents worldwide. They are at increasing level in developing countries undergoing economic and nutritional
transition like Nepal. Objectives: To find out the body image satisfaction, body weight perception and knowledge of
obesity among adolescents in Kaski district, Nepal. Materials and Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted
among 838 adolescents in Kaski district, Nepal from 12 schools selected randomly using multistage cluster
sampling. Data collection was done in between October to December, 2013 by using anthropometric assessment
and self-administered questionnaire through use of pretested tools. Data was entered and analyzed using WHO
anthroplus software v.1.0.4 and SPSS v. 16. Results: Majority of the adolescents, 630(75.2%) were found satisfied
with their body image and 208(24.8) weren’t. The body image satisfaction rate was comparatively found higher
among adolescents with normal BMI for age, 509(79.3%) and the underweight, 86(67.2%). More than half of the
overweight adolescents, 27(55.1%) perceived themselves as normal, 19(38.8%) perceived as overweight and
3(6.1%) perceived as obese. Majority of the adolescents had right knowledge on obesity however no significant
association was found. Conclusion: Body image satisfaction among the adolescents was found high. Overweight
and obese were found likely to underestimate their body weight. Interventions focusing on behavioral modifications
and regular anthropometric assessment are essential.

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