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Type Journal Article - EXCEL International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies
Title Picture of an expectant Zimbabwean: Three years after a government of national unity (GNU)
Volume 2
Issue 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 114-124
URL http://www.indianjournals.com/ijor.aspx?target=ijor:xijmms&volume=2&issue=12&article=013
Following a lengthy period of economic, political and social challenges, Zimbabweans expected some
solution to the crisis especially when talk of a Government of National Unity (GNU) was mooted. This type
of conflict resolution approach is not new to Zimbabweans as they have experienced it before during the
1978 Abel Muzorewa-led coalition government and the 1987 ZANU/ZAPU coalition. In all the previous
coalitions, Zimbabweans‟ desires were never fulfilled to their satisfaction. Similarly, today, Zimbabweans
are still looking forward to receiving deliverables from the GNU principals. This position paper looks at
some of the issues that the GNU has failed to deliver as expected 3 years down the road. The paper has been
compiled through literature analysis and interviews with relevant stakeholders. The conclusion in the paper
is that the GNU, whilst it has gone a long way delivering, still leaves a lot to be desired.

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