The determinants of job satisfaction among teachers in Vietnam

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Doctor of Philosophy
Title The determinants of job satisfaction among teachers in Vietnam
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
This study investigates the determinants of teachers’ job satisfaction in Lam Dong
Province, Vietnam. It also provides comprehensive insights on teachers’ motives in
joining the teaching career. Furthermore, the study examines the relationship between job
satisfaction and variables of career motives and demographic background. The
approaches employed for this study were survey questionnaire, in-depth interviews,
group discussions and observations. These combined methods are expected to produce
more convincing and efficient results as they are suitable in assessing a large number of
respondents, testing and developing hypotheses, gaining comprehensive understanding
and providing a rich description of emergent concepts. The findings generally supported
the replication of Herzberg’s theory in Vietnam’s educational setting. They showed that
satisfiers of teaching career overwhelmingly were phenomena intrinsic to teaching task.
Dissatisfiers, on the other hand, were those extrinsic to the teaching core and beyond the
ability of teachers. The study also found that job security and teachers’ status were the
most influential reasons affecting teachers’ decision in entering the teaching profession
while financial considerations and other extrinsic reasons played smaller roles. The
research findings provide an analytical framework for policy makers in Vietnam to create
appropriate policies for the benefit of teachers, students and the educational system.
Furthermore, understanding teachers’ motives in joining the profession and observing
what they are experiencing can help those who are interested in the teaching career to
have a deeper understanding before making their decision.

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