Individual empowerment experiences of trafficked returnees

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Bachelor of Social Services
Title Individual empowerment experiences of trafficked returnees
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL and Hari Thesis1.pdf?sequence=1
Lekh Nath Limbu and Hari Jung Shahi. Individual Empowerment Experiences of
Trafficked Returnees: Post Integration Lives of Sex Trafficked Returnees in MidWestern
Nepal. Diak South, Helsinki, Finland. Autumn 2014. 71 Pages. 1 Appendix.
Language: English.
Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. Degree programme in Social Services and
Community Development. Degree: Bachelor of Social Services.
This study discusses the empowerment experiences of sex trafficked returnees. By
doing so, this research provides an understanding about the post integration life
situation of the returnees. „Participation and Involvement‟, „Self-determination,
Freedom of Choice and Decision Making‟ and „Social Stigma‟ were taken as main
components of empowerment.
Qualitative research methodology was applied to conduct this research. The data was
collected using semi-structured method. This interview method was chosen because it
allows the researcher to have more latitude to probe beyond the answers. Three sex
trafficked returnees and one key informant were interviewed individually.

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