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Type Journal Article - Journal of Policy and Leadership
Title Climate Change and Socio-Economic Vulnerability among Maasai Pastoral Communities in Northern Tanzania
Volume 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Climate change has posed many socio-cultural and economic impacts in many sectors especially on the
livestock sector, thus hampering the livelihoods of pastoral communities. This paper is based on the study
that was conducted in Monduli District, Arusha region in the Northern part of Tanzania. The purpose of
this study was to assess the socio-economic vulnerability posed by climate change among the Maasai
pastoral communities. The lives of Maasai communities are directly connected to pastoral activities to
earn their daily living. This study applied survey design as a research design whereby the information was
collected from a relative large number of cases under investigation. The sample size for this study was
10% of the entire households from the two villages that was selected for this study. Different techniques
were used in data collection such as interviews, questionnaires and direct observation. The findings
revealed that there has been rural-urban migration of many young Maasai pastoralists from their original
villages to urban centers in searching for other jobs after losing huge number of their herds during
drought. Most of the Maasai youth who are in the age of getting married are unable to pay bride price due
to the decrease of their herds of cattle. Decline of local of local markets and competition on land resources
was another observations made by this study. This study recommends the Government of Tanzania
together with development partners to create conducive environment for the pastoral communities. It
further recommends that Maasai should reduce their herds by selling their cattle and increase their
income. It also recommends that policies and legal frameworks should be designed in favor of pastoral

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