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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master’s thesis of Public Administration
Title The Impact of Unemployment on Social Behavior among the Youth in Uganda
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL http://s-space.snu.ac.kr/bitstream/10371/130320/1/000000012477.pdf
The research was under the topic, “The impact of unemployment on social
behavior among the Youth in Uganda: a case study of Kampala city”. The
study focused on two main objectives of assessing the influence of
unemployment on early marriages among Kampala youth and examining the
extent to which youth unemployment contributes to the crime rate in Kampala
city. It was based on both primary and secondary data. Primary data was
gathered directly from the field using a self completed questionnaire
instrument. 16 questionnaires were given out to the respondents. The
secondary data was obtained from existing documents written about the topic
under study.

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