Challenges facing women to access and own land in Tanzania, Kondoa district

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences
Title Challenges facing women to access and own land in Tanzania, Kondoa district
Volume 4
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 55-64
This paper presents research findings of a study done on the challenges faced by women in accessing
land ownership; specifically the level of land ownership between women and men, types of land
ownership and factors hindering women to access land ownership in Kondoa District, Tanzania. The
study collected data from a total of 80 respondents through documentary review, questionnaire
survey, interview, observation and focus group discussion. Descriptive statistics and content analysis
were main methods used to analyze the collected data.
Results of the study indicated that at family level, 75% of the family land is under the control and
authority of the father (men), 9% mothers and 16% both women and men. The study went further to
indicate that in general men are the major owners of land (89%) while women own only 11% of land.
Several challenges which hinder women in accessing and owning land were identified as bad
traditional cultures and customs, customary laws, illiteracy, lack of information on land ownership
and difficult procedures in the whole process of land ownership.
The study recommends women empowerment to enable them access land like men. Policies, laws and
by-laws against gender discrimination should be enacted and reinforced to ensure that patriarchal
customs, cultural practices and traditions that oppress and impede women toward accessing the land
are eradicated. Societies (especially women) should be educated on their rights to ensure that all
people, men and women are granted equal opportunities to access land ownership.

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