Towards understanding challenges to water access in Uganda

Type Journal Article - Water is life
Title Towards understanding challenges to water access in Uganda
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 59-72
This chapter explores challenges related to safe water access in Uganda. Safe water
is a crucial resource and entitlement, yet still scarce for many people in Uganda.
Inaccessibility to water impacts on health, utilization of time, gender asymmetries,
conflicts, and development issues. In this chapter, we point out the dynamics and
challenges of water provision management. Water is a social and an economic good,
thus the state should play a major role in funding its provision and regulation. In
addition, approaches to water governance and provision should move from supply to
demand-driven and community-centred approaches, where appropriate. Overall, the
chapter calls for appropriate regulatory framework and monitoring mechanisms, and
partnerships to enable proper management of and equitable access to water.

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