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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of science in agricultural information and communication management
Title Effectiveness of Mobile Phone Supported Market Information Dissemination in Promoting Agricultural Marketing in Amuru district of Uganda in Africa A
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
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This study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of mobile phone supported market
information dissemination in promoting agricultural marketing and was carried out in two
parishes of Pabbo Sub County in Amuru district of Uganda. Over three-thirds of farmers in
Uganda are subsistence farmers and market less than 10 percent of their output. The high cost
of marketing is one of the reasons for remaining at the subsistence level. Better access to
information is expected to reduce marketing costs and encourage farmers to participate in
marketing. An appropriate agricultural market information service can improve market
performance by enabling transparency, competitiveness and efficiency and increase the
welfare of farmers (Muto and Takashi, 2009). Better access to market information service via
mobile phones has increased. Farmers and traders use mobile phones in marketing to facilitate
coordination. New ICTs like mobile phone complement the old ways of market access in
enabling farmers ‘access to timely and reliable information (Simuja, 2016). To date, there is
little empirical evidence on the perceived effectiveness of mobile phone supported market
information services under small holder farming systems in Uganda. Equally, evidence on the
utility of the information to help farmers obtain better prices is inconclusive. Most projects on
ICT have not often considered the perception of project participants and partner institutions
yet these play critical roles in ensuring the sustainability of programmes (IFAD, 2009).

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