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Type Journal Article - Livestock Research for Rural Development
Title The influence of women groups on income obtained from small-scale dairy cattle production: Acase of Arumeru District, Tanzania
Volume 25
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 4
This study focused on income obtained from dairy farming and other income generating sources, and also assesses
whether the formation of women’s groups has an influence on income. The study was conducted in six villages
namely; Bangata, Sasi, Inshupu, Enaboishu, Sokoni II and Nkoaranga. Structured questionnaires were used both with
women in dairy groups and those not in groups, and in depth interviews with key informants were conducted. Chisquare
and t­test were used to test the statistical significance of categorical and continuous data respectively. In
addition, regression modeling was used to investigate the effect of group membership in determining income from
dairy farming.
Results showed that revenues from dairy products such as fresh milk, sour milk and butter brought more income than
other activities such as sales of horticultural products, local chickens, sale of used clothes and tailoring. Surprisingly,
group membership was not a significant determinant for income from dairy farming. However, being in groups
provided several benefits relating to dairy enterprise, such as access to loans, training workshops, acquisition of dairy
cattle and participation in local and national agricultural shows. In order to improve income from dairy farming,
women dairy farmers should get more training in animal health management, entrepreneurship and networking. Also
women groups should be financially supported by local government, NGO’s and other development partners so as to
further their development and sustainability.

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