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Type Journal Article - American Journal of Research Communication
Title An investigation of natural regeneration trend of Brachylaena huillensisin Bombo West Forest Reserve, Tanga, Tanzania
Volume 1
Issue 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 138-151
URL http://www.usa-journals.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Ndakidemi1_Vol112.pdf
Silver Oak (Brachylaena huillensis) is a threatened and an important versatile tree species in the
family Asteraceae. B. huillensis regenerates through seeds however; it produces seeds with poor
germination and so far seed bank is lacking; consequently, its natural size in natural habitat is
questionable. The current study was conducted to investigate the natural regeneration trend of
Brachylaena huillensis in Bombo West Forest Reserve, Tanga, Tanzania. Through biophysical
survey, the number of regenerants (seedling, saplings and resprouters) and trees per hectare
(based on diameter classes) were assessed in the BWFR. The current study revealed that there
was declining trend of B. huillensis seedlings and saplings per hectare in BWFR. Also, there was
a decreasing trend of trees of small, middle and upper diameter categories in the study area.
Meanwhile, B. huillensis trees of diameter at breast height (centimeter) over 45.1 were not
observed in the study area. So, collectively there was an apparent diminishing of natural
regeneration trend of B. huillensis trees in the BWFR. The information is a basis to
conservationists toward preservation and sustainable use of the tree species. However,
concurrently need for development of possible and efficient alternative method of regeneration is

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