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Type Journal Article - Journal of Namibian Studies
Title Contraceptive use among women in Namibia. A case study of Khorixas, Kunene South
Volume 6
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 27-55
URL http://www.africabib.org/rec.php?RID=330732145
This article deals with patterns of contraceptive use in Namibia. Historical data as well
as data from recent ethnological fieldwork in Khorixas, Kunene South, are presented.
Though the majority of women have practised contraception it is not applied
systematically. Mothers who already find themselves in difficult economic situations
have further children even though modern contraceptives are available for free in
Namibia. This article tries to identify what women know about contraception, why and
when they choose to control their fertility and how sex education is dealt with in
general. Different aspects such as gender roles and relations, social norms defining
the value of children and influences from colonial times will be presented to show the
effect they have on the use of contraception and thus reproductive decisions.

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