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Type Report
Title 2013 Baseline Study on Attitudes and perceptions of gender and masculinities of youth in Timor Leste
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL http://3746ko3j52qt1kvy6d2d1reea88.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/sara-niner/files/2012/03/2013-Paz-y-Desar​rollo-Draft-Report-.pdf
This Research Study focused on the attitudes and perceptions of young men aboutmasculinity
and gender equality and those who influence them. The findings are intended to assist in the
development of Paz y Desarrollo‟s (PyD) Primary Prevention Campaign on Gender Based
Violence. This Research Study also includes the design of a post-Campaign monitoring and
evaluation component.
In order to create a locally grounded debate on these issues we chose to call the project:
Atitude Joventude iha relasaun entre feto ho mane iha Timor Leste (Attitudes of Youth about
relations between men and women in Timor Leste) in Tetun, thus avoiding the foreignand
often misunderstood terms of ‗gender‘ and ‗masculinities‘ in discussions with local rural
communities which may have led to confusion.

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