Spatial and Ethnic Patterns. The interface between 'majority' and 'minority' in Macedonia.

Type Conference Paper - 7th International Space Syntax Symposium Edited by Daniel Koch, Lars Marcus and Jesper Steen, Stockholm: KTH, 2009.
Title Spatial and Ethnic Patterns. The interface between 'majority' and 'minority' in Macedonia.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
URL Spatial Configuration and Social Structures/S030_Ferati.pdf
This paper investigates ethnic group relations. By utilizing Space Syntax theory and methodology, it
considers one dimension of social relations between Albanians and Macedonians. That dimension
is spatial appropriation during the evening hanging out and evening informal activities at the
weekends. Otherwise, the overall relations between these two ethnic groups have been
paradoxical, ranging from co-existence and respect to armed conflict.
Two multiethnic towns in the western part of Macedonia are investigated. The "majority" in one of the
towns is presented by Albanians and in the other one by Macedonians. Also, the use of the terms
"majority" and "minority" is conditional, having in mind the slight difference between the size of the
ethnic groups in the study cases.
The study reveals similar - if not identical - social and spatial patterns. In fact, the relation between
"majority" and "minority" is constant. In each town considered, during the evening events, the
"majority", correspondingly "minority", uses a set of spaces with similar configurational properties.
The set of spaces used by the "minority" is separated, but, adjacent to the set of spaces used by
the "majority", which together belong to the centre of the town.

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