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Type Journal Article - Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Title The Application of 4-A Scheme in the Context of Higher Education in Macedonia
Volume 232
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 70-74
URL https://ac.els-cdn.com/S1877042816312502/1-s2.0-S1877042816312502-main.pdf?_tid=852f7d7a-b4e2-11e7-b​45d-00000aacb35d&acdnat=1508427245_e5b5a197d4b112341d0517a93af36aed
In the identity formation nations, the type of Balkan countries, minorities, minority rights and protection are always overlooked
due to the “bigger” issues that these countries face. However, a measurement tool is needed to analyze the complex integration of
minorities in all spheres of the society, including higher education. With this paper, we seek to find an answer to the overarching
question: what is the best way to analyze the educational integration of minorities. What theories, approaches and methods can
help these countries struggling to offer a better educational access to facilities, institutions and programs? There are vast amount
of approaches to analyze and measure the rights to education, however, Katarina Tomasevski’s 4- A Scheme stands out as most
appropriate defender of education as a human right. In this context, the paper aims to examine to what extent the 4-A Scheme is
applied in the case of Albanian minority in Macedonian higher education. The results present factual information on the
educational status of the Albanian minority in Macedonia. When the 4-A Scheme is applied in the context of higher education it
provides an excellent framework for judging which country is more advanced in terms of right to education as a human right.

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