The potentional of RES for GHG emissions reduction in Macedonia

Type Working Paper
Title The potentional of RES for GHG emissions reduction in Macedonia
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As European Union (EU) candidate country, Macedonia is in the process of
adoption of the EU strategic energy policies, harmonization of the national
legislation with the EU legislation and defining the respective national
goals. In this regard, the government has recently adopted a National
Strategy for Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), prepared by
The main goal of this paper is to assess the potential for greenhouse gases
(GHG) emissions reduction by implementation of 21%-RES-scenarios from
the Strategy. The corresponding emissions reduction is calculated against
the baseline (reference) scenario developed within the Second National
Communication on Climate Change. Furthermore, all potential RES
technologies are analyzed from economic aspect and combined in a form of
emissions reduction cost curve, displaying the total marginal cost of the
GHG emissions reduction by RES.
Finally, on the bases of the environmental and economic effectiveness of the
considered RES technologies, as well as taking into account the country
specific barriers, the priority actions for GHG emissions reduction are

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