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Type Journal Article - Jurnal Ekologi Kesehatan
Title Perilaku berisiko kesehatandan faktoryang mempengaruhinyapada remaja sekolah menengah pertama di Jawa dan Sumatra
Volume 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 331-340
URL http://ejournal.litbang.depkes.go.id/index.php/jek/article/view/5356
Several behaviour health risks such as lack of physical activity, smoking and violence have contributed to
the health status among adolescents. Those behaviour health risks can be associated with family
relationship, school environment and other related social cultural and economy determinants.
Consequently, those behaviour risk factors may lead to certain non-communicable disease. To describe the
behaviour risk factors among adolescents and their determinant factors. This study employed a two-stage
cluster sample design to produce a representative sample of students in 7th-9th grade, aged 13 —15 years.
In this study 3,116 questionnaires were completed in 49 schools in Java and Sumatra islands. Data was
analyzed descriptively to provide proportion of certain behavior risk factors. Data analysis was done using
Epi-info. Study showed 10.9%-21.6% of boys students in Java and Sumatra smoked a day or over in the
period of one month. Among the smoking students about 71.1% of adolescents started smoking at aged 13
years or younger.Approximately 37%- 41% adolescents experienced having physical fighting at least once
or more during thelastone year. The prevalenceof physical fighting was higher among boys thangirls.
The behavior health risks are alarmingand needfurther specificintervention basedon issues priority to
improve the health behavior among adolescents in order to prevent certain non-communicable diseasein
the older age.

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