Determinants of contraceptive use and method choice in Turkey

Type Journal Article - Journal of Biosocial Science
Title Determinants of contraceptive use and method choice in Turkey
Volume 32
Issue 03
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2000
Page numbers 329-342
?In this study, the determinants of contraceptive use and method choice are examined based on various variables, classified as individual, cultural, fertility and contextual. The data used came from the 1993 Turkish
Demographic and Health Survey. The main finding is that there exists a positive association between the educational level of both spouses and the use of contraceptive methods in Turkey. After all individual, cultural, fertility and contextual variables are controlled, a woman’s education is a stronger predictor of method use and method choice than that of her husband. Increasing the educational level of women may be the most effective means of advancing family planning acceptance and increasing the demand for contraceptive services in Turkey. The study also shows that, to a great extent, contraceptive use and choice of modern method depend on the sex of a couple’s living children, implying some preference for sons, although generally women prefer to have children of both sexes.

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