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Type Journal Article - Christian Journal for Global Health
Title Family Planning as a Christian Global Health Agenda
Volume 1
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 4-6
URL http://journal.cjgh.org/index.php/cjgh/article/view/47
The Christian Journal for Global Health is
coming at an opportune time in terms of looking at
issues of global health and development. In the
next year, we will be coming to the end of the period
of the Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs) for 2015, and will be looking forward to
the challenges of the post-2015 development
agenda. Although this is a secular agenda, it is
consistent with the Christian values of global poverty
alleviation and the improvement of the health
and welfare of the disadvantaged peoples around
the world. Christian organizations and individuals
will be active participants in contributing to these
new goals as they have been with the MDGs.
In this context, I would like to highlight one
of the most cost-effective public health interventions
available that should be an integral part of
every Christian health program. This is family
planning - as defined by Christian Connections for
International Health (CCIH - a network of over
170 Christian organizations) to mean “…enabling
couples to determine the number and timing of
their pregnancies, including voluntary use of
methods for preventing pregnancy, not including
abortion, harmonious with their values and religious
Why should Christians in international
health give special attention to family planning?
First of course, it has well documented direct
health benefits in saving the lives and improving
the health of mothers and children. Second, it
promotes family, community and national wellbeing,
both socially and economically. Third, of
special interest to Christians, by preventing unintended
pregnancies, family planning prevents
abortions. 2

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