Potential biofuel feedstocks and production in Zambia

Type Working Paper - WIDER Working Paper
Title Potential biofuel feedstocks and production in Zambia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
URL https://www.econstor.eu/bitstream/10419/161613/1/881459011.pdf
The need for energy security and climate change mitigation have increased blending
mandates worldwide; in Southern Africa, demand for biofuels could increase following South
Africa’s planned blending mandates. However, land constraints limit local industry expansion, with
demand likely to be met in land-abundant countries. This paper reviews the status of the biofuels
industry in Zambia, as a land-abundant country, for the local and wider Southern African market.
It identifies potential biofuel feedstocks as crucial elements for establishing a viable industry.
Identified potential bioethanol feedstocks include sugarcane, cassava, sweet sorghum, and maize;
for biodiesel, soya beans, sunflower, and groundnuts are the likely feedstocks of choice. However,
current production levels are inadequate to meet growing regional biofuels demand, but there is
scope for expansion if productivity and production can be increased. Presently, there is no
commercial biofuel production, but a fairly adequate policy, regulatory, legal, and institutional
framework exists.

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