Children's health and achievement in school

Type Working Paper - Living Standards Measurement Study Working Paper No. 104
Title Children's health and achievement in school
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1994
This paper explores the relationship child health and educational achievement using data from the Ghanaian Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS), as well as the reliability of such health-education studies in general. An analysis of the data indicated that: (1) the failure to control for estimation problems in the LSMS and other studies has led to a considerable bias in the estimated impact of child health on educational success; (2) Instrumental variable estimates based on observations suggest that the direction of this bias is downward; (3) estimated with family and community fixed effects, however, suggest that the direction of this bias is upward; and (4) exploration of the possibility that child health may affect child cognitive achievement through schooling attainment also does not reveal a significant positive impact on child schooling. The paper concludes that, in the case of the Ghanaian LSMS and other similar studies, there is no evidence of an impact of the observed range of child health on child cognitive achievement

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