Accessibility and Usability of Government Websites in Tanzania

Type Journal Article - The African Journal of Information Systems
Title Accessibility and Usability of Government Websites in Tanzania
Volume 9
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
Page numbers 261-279
The government of Tanzania has been embracing information systems specifically websites to
enlarge access to government services, lower administrative costs, and to increase public
participation in decision making. As a result, almost every ministry, department, and agency
(MDA) has developed a unique website. However, most of existing websites were developed
without sufficiently considering users’ needs which indicates that they do have some usability
and accessibility problems. This study used the SortSite tool to evaluate accessibility and
usability of government websites taking a sample of 22 websites. The report from the SortSite
tool was then checked against the W3 WCAG accessibility standards and Section 508
guidelines, and usability issues based on the US Federal ( guidelines. The results
show that most of websites have many accessibility and usability problems that hinder citizens
from using them. This study provides recommendations on how to improve usability and
accessibility of these websites.

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