An Analysis of the Labour Market and Its Policy of Bangladesh

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Management Research and Reviews
Title An Analysis of the Labour Market and Its Policy of Bangladesh
Volume 2
Issue 7
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 1104-1131
URL ul haq 2au12.pdf
Labor market policy is significant for a country’s higher investment and economic growth.
The labor forces of Bangladesh are splited in different sectors like agriculture, industry,
service sectors, foreign wage earners, etc. But the labor market of Bangladesh is suffering
from different types of problems like wage discriminations, existence of child labor, lack of
workforce security, lack of updated information, lack of technology, and so forth. This paper
is an attempt to highlight different issues and problems of Bangladesh labor market. It also
focuses on the analysis of the labor market and the contribution of different sectors in
national GNP. The paper also pinpoints on the different problems of Bangladeshi wage
earners in foreign countries, their remittance and their contribution in national GNP. Finally,
the paper attempts to recommend some policy measures to handle the pertaining problems of
different sectors and for the smooth development of the same.

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