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Type Journal Article - World Vision Research Journal
Title Food Security Among Pavement Dwellers in Dhaka City
Volume 8
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 46-59
URL http://bv-f.org/WV-08/05. WV Final.pdf
Food security is not a latest concept in the world. It had been focused immediately after
the World War (II). As a low income food insufficiency country, the question of food
security stands the first position in Bangladesh after experiencing a severe famine in 1974.
Though Bangladesh has progressed recently in production of food, the government is still
suffering from national food security. Government faces major problems in distributing
foods to different segments of people. Different types of community are the major barriers
for distribution of food here like pavement dwellers. Pavement dwellers, the migrated
people from rural areas sleeping pavement on the city, faces severe insecurity in this
regard. They are actually excluded from the community village and also from the city
people. In Dhaka city, there are about 20,000 pavement dwellers who are suffering from
food security. Most of the pavement dwellers (83.3%) starved during last year from which
60% of them starved seasonally, 30% occasionally and 10% rarely. Around 62% of them
did not satisfy with three meals they ate. Again 8.3% of the respondents begged to feed
them. Most of them thought that the condition will not change. The pavement dwellers
(58.3%) suggested for providing low priced food items to cope with the situation. Present
exploratory study titled ‘Food Security among Pavement Dwellers in Dhaka City’, collects
data from 385 pavement dwellers, highlights food security situation among pavement
dwellers and tries to get insights of how and why they are suffering from food insecurity

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