Social Protection Index for Committed Poverty Reduction

Type Book Section - 8 SPI and Multicountry Analysis
Title Social Protection Index for Committed Poverty Reduction
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 441-526
In order to develop a feasible and sound methodology for the creation of a
Social Protection Index (SPI), ADB’s definitions of Social Protection (SP) as
well as those that exist in the participating countries were carefully reviewed.
Taking into account the numerous conceptual and practical issues, the
conclusion was that it was necessary to narrow ADB’s definition of SP, which
is particularly wide-ranging, to concentrate on programs that (i) generally fall
outside the purview of other development sectors such as education, health,
and rural/ community development; and (ii) involve direct transfers, whether
in cash or kind, to beneficiaries. Table 2.1 summarizes the types of programs
which have, and have not been included, in the definition of SP. Without
some refinement of ADB’s definition of SP for the purposes of this study, it
would have been difficult, if nor impossible, to achieve the objectives of this

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