First steps towards a macro-theory of urban violence in Mexico

Type Conference Paper - Violence and Policing in Latin American and US Cities
Title First steps towards a macro-theory of urban violence in Mexico
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Country/State México
Public Health, especially mental health, is the backbone of the discussion about human and local development. In this way, delinquency not only jeopardizes civilian security, but also has an impact on the development of dementia in the elderly. The present study is meant to show the level of reliability and validity of an instrument used to establish a multi-dimensional construct of fear of crime and a discussion of the role of the State in matters of the emotional wellbeing of the citizens. A cross-sectional, correlation study was carried out with a non-probabilistic sample of 208 elderly people. The results showed that the factors of perception of risk and control account for 63% of the variance while 37% can be accounted for by the attitude towards the corruption, negligence and opacity of authorities. The perception of control (0.81) was the dominant indicator in the model of reflexive relations of dependence [χ2 = 14, 12 (15 gl) p < 0,000; GFI = 0,975; CFI = 0,970; RMSEA = 0,001].

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