Child Poverty and Disparities in Bangladesh

Type Report
Title Child Poverty and Disparities in Bangladesh
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
In Bangladesh, children (0-17 years) constitute 44% of the total population i.e., 142 million in
2006. One out of every six children is a working child numbering 7.42 million children
across the country. However, there is no evidence based comprehensive study on child
poverty and deprivation. At the same time there is no published data on child poverty and
deprivation at the national level.
This study sketches the scenario of child poverty and deprivation based on secondary analysis
of relevant national surveys and policy/programme documents of the government intensively
following a standardized Unicef Guide on Child Poverty and Disparities 2007-2008
methodology. The study has generated evidences and insights that can be used as leverage to
influence national development plans. Moreover, it is expected that the findings will inspire
and feed into poverty reduction or sector-wise strategies in order to help in developing childsensitive
poverty reduction strategies and policy interventions for the country.

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