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Type Journal Article - Journal for New Generation Sciences
Title Health status of learners of educational institutions within Selebi Phikwe Ni-Cu mine area, Botswana
Volume 7
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 91-105
URL http://journals.co.za/docserver/fulltext/newgen/7/2/newgen_v7_n2_a7.pdf?expires=1509630723&id=id&acc​name=guest&checksum=5FFBFFBC178421D535478AE1AAC58609
Health effects associated with Ni-Cu mining on learners living within the
mining area at Selebi Phikwe were investigated through the administration of
questionnaires. Results depicted learners suffering from a wide range of
different symptoms and illnesses. 70% of the learners complained of coughs,
77% had influenza/common cold, and 80% had headaches. The repeated
coughing, constant influenza/common cold and persistent headaches from
which learners suffered, were very significantly higher than those at the
control site; and incidences of their occurrence increased with closeness to
the mining area. The unusual high occurrences of these ailments and
illnesses coupled with associated diseases among learners were attributed to
several environmental factors including contaminated particulate air matter
(PAM) (rich in sulphur and heavy metals) linked to the mining and smelting of

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