Effect of Waste Water Type on Concrete Properties

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
Title Effect of Waste Water Type on Concrete Properties
Volume 10
Issue 19
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 39865-39870
The scarcity in water resources in Middle East (especially
Palestine and Jordan) imposes difficulties and threats to local
governments and water authorities to provide fresh water to
the people. The rapid development in different industries in
the last fifty years has led to the generation of huge amounts
of waste water. For example, concrete production, stone
cutting and tanning industries consume large quantities of
fresh water which is needed for domestic use and generate
different types of waste water.
The current research investigates the utilization of 8 types of
waste water in concrete mixtures and how they affect some of
its properties such as workability, compressive strength,
splitting tensile strength and natural water absorption. The
results of this study suggest excellent potential for the use of
waste water from stone cutting industry in the production of
structural concrete and other types of waste water in
producing concrete for backfill and non-structural
applications. This would allow for the preservation of
tremendous amounts of fresh water for domestic use.

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