Catbalogan City, Philippines Open Dumpsite Leachate Transport

Type Journal Article - Journal of Academic Research
Title Catbalogan City, Philippines Open Dumpsite Leachate Transport
Volume 1
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 10-18
Uncontrolled leachate produced from a poorly managed dumpsite poses several
dangers such as contaminating water bodies including ground water. Catbalogan City, Philippines
produces about 141 cu.m. of waste/day disposed in its current open dumpsite. This volume of
waste may produce an average of about 2.53 cu.m/day peak discharge of leachate runoff as an
effect of precepitation. With the dumpsite located at higher elevation, such runoff will eventually
find its way in to the sea specifically during extreme precipitation. The leachate runoff is diluted
with runoff from the watershed of the area. Water quality analysis from samples collected within
the vicinity of the dumpsite up to nearby creek and the nearest bay on two different occasion are
within permissible limits set by Department of Environment and Natural Resources and World
Health Organization. This suggests an insignificant effect to the water bodies nearby. To validate
the observations made in this study, a real-time monitoring on the water quality of runoff,
groundwater as well as those in the nearby bays maybe performed.

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