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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR)
Title Health Status, Family Relation and Living Condition of Elderly People Residing in Geriatric Homes of Western Nepal
Volume 4
Issue 7
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 33-42
URL http://www.scopemed.org/?mno=165391
Introduction: Rapid aging of population in developing world posed social-economic and financial
challenges to individuals, families and societies. Due to lack of love, affection, care and support from
family and community, proportion of elderly living in geriatric homes are increasing day by day. The
study was carried out to find out the health status, family relation and living status of elderly in geriatric
Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out among190 elderly living in six geriatric
homes of western Nepal. Information was gathered regarding health status, family relation and living
status and presented in proportions and percentages.
Results: Out of 190, 64.2% were females and 35.8% were males. The study highlighted most of the
elderly people (84.1%) suffered from one or more health related problems. The main health problems
were arthritis/osteoarthritis (30.5%), cardiovascular (27.9%), gastro-intestinal illness (20.0%),
COPD/asthma (15.3%) and neurological disorder (14.2%). Only 27.4% of the elderly used to participate
in family ceremonies, 23.7% were consulted by family members in important matters and 28.9% received
financial support from family. Most common reason for staying in geriatric homes were due to no one to
care them at home (32.1%), quarrels and problems in family (28.9%), death of the spouse (21.1%). Most
of the elderly were satisfied towards the foods provided in geriatric homes but not satisfied towards
medical care.
Conclusion: There is an increasing need of social and economic support to elderly by families and
societies. Appropriate living arrangement, sufficient facilities for medical care, recreational activities is
also necessary.

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