Pilot MRE campaign in Cambodia using Billy Goat Radio System

Type Working Paper
Title Pilot MRE campaign in Cambodia using Billy Goat Radio System
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://www.fp7-tiramisu.eu/sites/fp7-tiramisu.eu/files/publications/IARP-14 SCAPOLLA.pdf
After the first evaluation of Billy Goat Radio System, which took place in October 2013 in the Sahrawi refugee
camps settled in Algeria, in October 2014 Snail Aid carried out another in-field test in the north west of Cambodia.
Aim of the mission was to finalise the research work started in January 2013 by implementing an actual pilot
campaign held during an in-field mission aimed at evaluating all the main aspects of the tool. The combined use of
tradition and technology is a constant characteristic in Billy Goat Radio Project: on one side, the traditional story
telling proposed in form of a radio broadcast serial drama, and on the other side an adaptability system which uses in
parallel a simple software and a system of cards to adapt the serial drama's story and the mine risk educational
messages embedded in it to any context. Both the broadcasting and the adaptability system have been tested first
with experts from different local and international organizations working on mine action in Cambodia and later on
among several mine affected communities; results and feedbacks have been used to tune Billy Goat Radio system
toward its final version.

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