Citizens’ Readiness for e-Government Services in Tanzania

Type Journal Article - Advances in Computer Science: an International Journal
Title Citizens’ Readiness for e-Government Services in Tanzania
Volume 3
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 37-45
E-Government services make government operations and
processes more transparent and more effective for
citizens and businesses. They also provide a variety of
benefits for the community at large such as reducing
services' time and connecting businesses and citizens to
government information at anytime. However, the use of
e-Government services depends on the citizens’
readiness and attitudes towards these services. This paper
identifies the degree of the citizens’ readiness for eGovernment
services in Tanzania. The factors which
influence the citizens’ readiness for e-Government
services were identified. The primary data were collected
using questionnaires. Then the data were processed and
analyzed using the SPSS. The results show that the
majority of citizens are not yet ready to adopt eGovernment
services, mostly because of the anticipated
security threats. More time and efforts are needed to
create an enabling environment for citizens’ readiness to
adopt e-Government services in Tanzania. The paper
proposes the activities to this effect

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