Rural Energy Data Sources and Estimations in India

Type Working Paper - (unpublished draft)
Title Rural Energy Data Sources and Estimations in India
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
One of the important features of rural energy is the dependence on locally available biomass resources. Since they are collected at zero cash cost, data collection on consumption is primarily recall-based. Similarly, local-level supply
and demand is difficult to capture. Hence, there is an inherent problem of data availability and authenticity. Micro-level experiences are at times contrary to the macro assessments provided. The claims, therefore, made of successful energy transitions (both in terms of fuel and technology) or popularly known as ‘fuel switch’, happening in the rural areas, is perhaps an over statement. The following sections give a brief status of the present fuel/technology mix in the rural areas, a critique of the data sets available on consumption/supply that highlight trends and some of the key issues. The analysis has been presented with respect to themacro assessments and the micro-level evidence (surveys, case studies, etc.) bringing out the weaknesses in types of data available and assessments made vis-à-vis rural energy transitions.

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