Agricultural diversification and small holders in South Asia

Type Book Section - Performance of ago-industry in India
Title Agricultural diversification and small holders in South Asia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Publisher Academic Foundation
City New Delhi
Country/State India
Agriculture renaissance means the renewed understanding and recommitment to the fundamental role of agriculture in the development process. Operationally it implies different approaches at the country level based on the stage of development. For the least developed countries of the world, it could mean re-engaging agriculture's potential as a driver of overall economic development. While for the emerging economies, it could be small holder inclusion in agricultural commercialization and/or reducing rural-urban income gaps. Food sectors in developing countries are witnessing profound changes driven by: rapid income growth; urbanization; global inter-connectedness; technology access; and climate change. Country typologies, by stage of agricultural transformation, are used to discuss the implications of the changes and the public policy options for the way forward.

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