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Conference Paper
Sharma, Chiranjivi. "Effect of Melamchi Water Supply Project on Soil and Water Conservation in the Indrawati River Basin, Nepal." 12th ISCO Conference, Beijing. Beijing, China, 2002.
Journal Article
Nicholson, Kirsten Ngaire, Klaus Neumann, Carolyn Dowling, and Subodh Sharma. "E. coli and Coliform Bacteria as Indicators for Drinking Water Quality and Handling of Drinking Water in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal." Environmental Management and Sustainable Development 6, no. 2 (2017): 411-428.
Organization, World Health. Lessons learnt from three Mekong countries in implementing policies for the delivery of health services. : Manila: WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 2014.
Showing 271-273 of 273