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Journal Article
Layer, Erica H, Sarah W Beckham, Romani B Momburi, Maureen Peter, Editha Laizer, and Caitlin E Kennedy. "‘He is proud of my courage to ask him to be circumcised’: experiences of female partners of male circumcision clients in Iringa region, Tanzania." Culture, health & sexuality 16, no. 3 (2014): 258-272.
D’Souza, Carol, Yoshimi Nishino, Mahesh Patel, Wing-Sie Cheng, Ketan Chitnis, Cameron Wolf, Editha Venus-Maslang, and Shirley M Prabhu. Access to essential needs and services for children – Orphans and poverty status: A study on Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam. Bangkok, Thailand: UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, 2009.
Conference Paper
Rivera B, Editha. "Redefining the Labor Force Framework: Some Inputs from the Philippine Experience." ILO Seminar on Employment and Underemployment: Revisiting the Relevance and Conceptual Basis of the Statistics. Geneva, Switzerland, December 4-5, 2008.
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