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Hoogesteger, Jaime, Mark Giordano, Jan Girman, Jack van der Gun, Eloise Kendy, Jacob Kijne, Ramon Llamas, Fadia Daibes, Emilio Custodio, Maria Angelica, Tushaar Shah, and Jacob Burke. Groundwater: a global assessment of scale and significance. Battaramulla, Sri Lanka: Internation Water Management Institute , 2007.
Journal Article
Kendy, Eloise, Jinxia Wang, David J Molden, Chunmiao Zheng, Changming Liu, and Tammo S Steenhuis. "Can urbanization solve inter-sector water conflicts? Insight from a case study in Hebei Province, North China Plain." Water Policy 9, no. S1 (2007): 75-93.
Working Paper
Velásquez, Norma. "Informe Sobre el Contexto Socioeconómico de Perú." Proyecto "ELOISE" (2010).
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