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Journal Article
Seedat, YK, FGH Mayet, S Khan, SR Somers, and G Joubert. "Risk factors for coronary heart disease in the Indians of Durban." South African Medical Journal 78, no. 10 (1990): 442-454.
Working Paper
Bhorat, Haroon, Ravi Kanbur, and Natasha Mayet. "Minimum wage violation in South Africa." (2010).
Bhorat, Haroon, Natasha Mayet, and others. Employment outcomes and returns to earnings in post-apartheid South Africa. : Development Policy Research Unit, University of Cape Town, 2012.
Thesis or Dissertation
Mayet, Natasha. "Minimum wage enforcement in South Africa measurement and determinants." Masters Degree in Applied Economics, University of Cape Town, 2010.
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