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Working Paper
Joshi, Kaushal, Rana Hasan, and Glenita Amoranto. "Surveys of Informal Sector Enterprises-Some Measurement Issues." Asian Development Bank Economics , no. 183 (2009).
Journal Article
Joshi, Kaushal, Glenita Amoranto, and Rana Hasan. "Informal Sector Enterprises: Some Measurement Issues." Review of Income and Wealth, Asian Development Bank 57, no. s1 (2011): S143-S165.
Conference Paper
Virola, Romulo A, Estrella V Domingo, Raymundo J Talento, Glenita V Amoranto, and Edward P Lopez-Dee. "Gearing a National Statistical System Towards the Measurement of the Impact of Climate Change: The Case of the Philippines." Conference on climate change and official statistics. . Norway, 2008.
Amoranto, Glenita, Natalie Chun, and Anil B Deolalikar. Who are the middle class and what values do they hold? Evidence from the World Values Survey. 2010.
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